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As a Deputy District Attorney for nearly 14 years, I have devoted my career to seeking justice for the People of the State of California.  For the last seven years, I have been assigned to the Hardcore Gang Division, prosecuting some of the most violent and dangerous criminals in Los Angeles County.  

To pursue justice is to pursue the truth.  I have always held myself to the highest ethical and professional standards.  I will continue to adhere to those standards as a Superior Court Judge.  

Having handled a broad range of crimes, from misdemeanors to special circumstance murders, I have gained the experience, knowledge, and perspective needed to be an outstanding Superior Court Judge.  As a trial lawyer who is in court every day, I see firsthand the challenges that face our courts in these difficult financial times.

As a judge, I will apply the law in a fair and unbiased manner, while ensuring that the rights of all parties are protected.  In addition, I will treat every person who appears in court with courtesy and respect, and will work efficiently and diligently to ensure that all people have access to the justice system.

Thank you for your support!

Shannon Knight

Gang Homicide Prosecutor

Candidate for Superior Court Judge Office #54